A significant majority of Maryland voters like Republican governor Larry Hogan and have a positive opinion about his performance in office. However, despite these typically reliable indicators of an incumbent's political strength, Hogan's party affiliation makes his re- election far from certain.  

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy

Your Job is a Challenge

Effectively communicating your message to policy makers, the press and the public can be tough. Competing in the world of 24/7 news cycles and Twitterdom is a constant challenge.  

We Can Help

Creditable public opinion polling gets the attention of decision and opinion makers. It makes news.  Mason-Dixon's reputation within the media, political and public policy community brings instant recognition, creditability and attention to any assessment of public opinion. 

Here's How

Mason-Dixon is an independent polling firm that conducts public policy and political polling research for news media, advocacy groups, trade associations, public and government relations and marketing professionals.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy brings clarity, focus and attention to your public policy agenda.  We make the difference by supporting your strategic planning, message testing and earned media efforts. 

 In 2017, we've conducted surveys on all the hot-button issues that are front & center nationally and in state houses across the country: Healthcare, Education, County & Municipal Affairs, Business Development & Regulation, Banking & Insurance, Energy, Sharing Economy,  Environment, Gambling

Hard Won Reputation


Over 350 news organizations have relied on Mason-Dixon for their election and issue polling. Our reputation within the media, political and public policy community brings instant recognition, integrity and attention to any assessment of public opinion.


Mason-Dixon is not a party-affiliated or ideology-oriented polling firm. Our client list includes a wide range of groups and interests that span the political spectrum, further enhancing our reputation for objectivity and independence.


Mason-Dixon has tracked thousands of national, state, and local political races, with phenomenal accuracy. No other polling firm has its record publicly tested and validated as often as Mason-Dixon.