2020 Omnibus State Polling

Polling in the lead-up to and during the 2020 state legislative sessions and Presidential Primaries:

In the lead-up to and during the 2020 state legislative sessions and Presidential Primaries, Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy will conduct omnibus statewide voter polls across the country.

On each poll, your organization, coalition partners and clients can include questions for internal use -- or for earned media opportunities. Our clients’ leadership, membership and staff effectively use our research during fly-ins and legislator outreach

It’s a great way to keep your team focused and on message, and to let policy makers and press know where the public stands on issues of concern using creditable empirical data.   (Click here for examples of Omnibus Survey reports, methodology and client press releases.)

In key 2020 primary states we will be oversampling likely Democratic primary voters- an excellent opportunity to see how your issues impact these voters and their choices in the primary election.

Polling will focus initially on these states:

Florida           Virginia         Texas   

Tennessee    Arkansas       South Carolina  

Kentucky      Alabama       North Carolina    

Maryland      Mississippi

(For more details and information about states not yet scheduled, contact us.)

Our polls feature:

  • Reasonable cost of $750 for first question, just $500 for each additional question (Each question limited to 50 words. Questions exceeding 50 words priced accordingly).
  • Live telephone interviews of 625 registered voters in each state (margin for error +/-4), using both land-lines and cell phones.
  • Democratic primary oversample in key states will total 400 interviews.
  • All poll data, results and reports are confidential.
  • Mason-Dixon will consult & assist with client’s public release, upon request.